Member Benefits

We value our members at Pendleton Hills.  As a member you have the ability to have direct input to the golf professional, restaurant manager, events manager and the owner.  We want your suggestions and opinions.  We want your guidance because this is your home, this is our home.  In the years to come, we will be adding to the member benefits.  Here is what you will have in 2019.


You have the ability to use every club in your bag at Pendleton Hills.  That is an advantage we have over other courses.  The beautiful 18-Hole course will see constant improvements this year.  What will make it even better?  You tell us, because you count, we want this course to be amongst the best for your enjoyment.

Restaurant Discounts

As a member you will have on-going discounts in the restaurant to enjoy fantastic food and drink.

Holiday Carting

We plan on having a “Haunted Trail” and “Christmas Carting” during the holidays.  As a member you will get 50% off the cost!


Members enjoy unlimited use of the pool and pool house. As a member you will receive 50% off the cost of room or pool rentals. Come out swim, hang out and soak in the sun.

Free Lunches

A couple of times a month, you as a member will be notified of a free lunch day from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  You will receive an announcement around 8:00 am stating that day is a free lunch day.  We just ask you purchase your drinks, and it would be great to bring a friend.  (Friends are not included in the free lunch, unless of course they are members).


We now have the best cart EZ-GO has available because we listened to you the member of Pendleton Hills.


As Pendleton Hills becomes busy, you will have access to a members only parking area that is located closest to the restaurant/golf area.

Wedding Venues

Members receive $1,000 off the price of the wedding venues.  This is for immediate family; Yourself, Children or Parents.  This alone nearly pays for your membership.

2019 Membership Dues






Includes everyone at home + Children 22 and under



Seniors are 60+

Senior Couple


Seniors are 60+



Juniors are under 18



No Member Benefits

Swim Pass Only